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Lucy and Rob Neal, February 2016

Thank you so much for our daughter Willow's week long course of intensive swimming lessons. Your team are so incredibly hard working and clearly very passionate about what they do. Willow has truly loved coming to each lesson and her teacher Sally's kind nature has played a massive part in that. She has achieved so much in just a week, it's quite unbelievable. Thank you also to Chris for supporting Willow with her confidence in the past, this has enabled her to trust other teachers in the water.
The pool is by far the most hygienic we've attended and it goes without saying that the staff are the friendliest we've come across. Mario is clearly super passionate about what he does which is lovely to see. It is very noticeable how respected MXT swim school is and that is down to the passion of its staff and the high standards set.
We really love MXT and would highly recommend it to anyone learning to swim.
We will be back at MXT for more intensive lessons in the summer and I have no doubt in my mind that the good work there will continue. Thank you!