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Ali Biancalana, August 2014

When we moved from London, we wanted to find a swim school that would be able to offer one-to-one tuition for our autistic son to continue his lessons (he had earned his 100m badge and was keen to continue). We had various recommendations for MXT and after a chat with Mario, we felt confident that we were making the right choice. In the 6 months he has been swimming here, our son has come on so well! His confidence in the water has increased, he is learning all the strokes correctly and even self-correcting himself in the pool during lessons. We have brought him to two intensive courses and he has now achieved his 400m badge just before his 7th birthday! Mario, Chris and the MXT team are amazing! They have worked so hard with our son to bring out his skills and to teach him new things. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for swimming lessons as no matter what level your child is at or if they have any areas they need additional help, MXT will find the best way to suit them.